Street light series 50 Street Light Series 150
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Street light series 150 DLC Certification

* CREE-XPG high LED lumen chips.
* Patented design for electrical current fluctuation protection to maintain a stable lighting in any unpredictable climate.
* Fault-tolerant mechanism and multiple power drivers independantly operate in each unit to effeciently power LED chips and lower the risk of light failure.
* Power Factor (pf) value is up to 0.99 to offer a stable power to the LED circuit and lower overall system energy consumption.
* Passed IP 68 waterproof standard.
* Tempered hail resistant glass lens - For up light applications.
* CRI 80 high-brightness LEDs to offer optimum night vision and increase pedestrian and vehicle safety.
Power consumption 145W Correlated Color Temp (CCT) TW(5000-10000k); NW(3700-5000k); WW(2600-3700k)

*Lumens shown are actual output values.

11500lm (TW)

10500lm (NW)

9600lm (WW)



Light Distribution Type II, III & V Beam Angle 24,30,60,90,130,135, 120x50, 120x60, 135x50 degree
Line Voltage 100~300VAC Operating Temperature -40F to 121F

(-40C to 50C)

Street light pole dimension 1-5/8" to 2-3/8"

(42 to 62 mm)

Weight 19.2lb


Option Photocell sensor Warranty 5 years limited
Iluminance at Distance 130 degree TW 130 degree WW
  Illuminance 130 degree CW Illuminance 130 degree WW
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ETL certificate FCC certificate EC Certificate LVD certificate RoHS certificate Laser test